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Rare Books on JFK's Assassination

Who shot JFK ?

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The answer to this question has not been clearly brought for the last four decades already... Between the official versions, the independent investigations and the crazy theories, a large number of people have been accused (or accused themselves !) of taking part in the most famous crime of the century.

Let us rapidly review some of these hypotheses :

- Lee Harvey Oswald : for the Warren Commission, in charge of investigating the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John Kennedy, he alone planned out and achieved the assassination of the 35th President of the United States.

- Malcolm Wallace : a hitman of vice-president and JFK successor Lyndon Johnson. Billie Sol Estes says he was the TSBD second shooter.

- Roscoe White : a former Marine and Dallas police officer. His family pretend they found in his personal writings evidence of his involvement in the Kennedy assassination. He would have shot at JFK from the wooden fence on the Grassy Knoll.

- Bill Greer : Though this theory is not considered a serious one by conspiracy theorists, there are some who make the limousine driver a Dealey Plaza shooter. Other 'just' accuse him of complicity, saying he voluntarily braked at the fatal moment.

- George W. Hickey : Probably the most extravagant theory ever (and there were many of them !). According to author Bonar Menninger, this Secret Service agent would have shot JFK while the motorcade was driving down Dealey Plaza. But contrary to those who accuse William Greer, Menninger says that in this case, it was but... an accidental gunshot !

As to the people who were really behond the assassination, they are even more numerous. Some claim it was the Maffia, others Lyndon Johnson, Texan far-right wing groups, oil lobbies,...

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