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Pristine Bullet

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A nickname for the CE 399 bullet found on Dealey Plaza in an almost 'pristine' condition. Conspiracy theorists see in this condition a proof for a conspiracy, as they deem strange that a bullet passing through two human bodies (John Connally and John F. Kennedy's) may be so little damaged.

Extract from the Warren Report
Course of bullet: ... had first traversed his chest. The Army Wound Ballistics experts conducted tests which proved that the Governor's wrist wound was not caused by a pristine bullet. (See app. X, pp. 582-585.) A bullet is pristine immediately on exiting from a rifle muzzle when it moves in a straight line with a spinning motion and maintains its uniform trajectory with but a minimum of nose surface striking the air through which it passes. When the straight line of flight of a bullet is deflected by striking some object, it starts to wobble or become irregular in flight, a condition called yaw. A bullet with ...

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