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Rare Books on JFK's Assassination

November 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald
1 November 1963: James Hosty goes to the Paine residence
FBI agent James Hosty goes to the Paine residence and asks for Lee Harvey Oswald.

4 November 1963: Looking for a place to have lunch
Special agent Gerald A. Behn, the leader of the White House security agents, asks Forrest Sorrels to visit three places where JFK's lunch could be organized on November 22 in Dallas : the Market Hall, the Women's Building and the Trade Mart. It is the third one that is chosen, since Sorrels estimates that all the security issues of the place can be solved.

8 November 1963: No potential danger revealed to Lawson
After undertaking the responsibility for advance preparations for the visit to Dallas, Agent Winston G. Lawson goes to the P.R.S. offices in Washington. A check of the geographic indexes there reveals no listing for any individual deemed to be a potential danger to President Kennedy in the territory of the Secret Service regional office which includes Dallas and Fort Worth.

10 November 1963: Shooting range incident
According to Garland G. Slack, an amateur shooter, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald comes to a rifle range near Dallas and voluntarily shoots at his target. As an excuse, he claims "he thought it was that son of a bitch of Kennedy".

15 November 1963: The selection of the Trade Mart announced by press
The selection of the Trade Mart as the possible site for the luncheon first appears in the Dallas Times-Herald.

17 November 1963: Warning telex in FBI office
An FBI office in New Orleans receives a telex from Washington DC stating that there would be an attempted assassination against President Kennedy on November 23, 1963.

Rose Cheramie
20 November 1963: Rose Cheramie foretells JFK's death
A severely beaten prostitute names Rose Cheramie is found along a Louisiana road. She tells the doctors treating her that Kennedy is about to be assassinated. They do not believe her, for she is under the influence of narcotics.

22 November 1963: JFK assassinated
John F. Kennedy dies shortly after his arrival at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Several gunshots had hit him at 12.30 a.m., as the motorcade was on Dealey Plaza. For a detailed chronology of the November 22, 1963 day, click here.

Jack Ruby
24 November 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated
The alleged assassin of President Kennedy is fatally wounded by Jack Ruby.

25 November 1963: Garrison has Ferrie arrested
Jim Garrison has David Ferrie arrested. He questions him and hands him over to the FBI. He considers his testimony incredible : Ferrie pretends that he went to Houston on the morning of November 22 for the purpose of ice-skating.

Lyndon B. Johnson
25 November 1963: Johnson cancels JFK's memorandum
Lyndon B. Johnson signs NSAM 276, which cancels memorandum 263 that Kennedy had signed before him, and which ordered the withdrawal of one thousand US military personnel from Vietnam by the end of the year.

25 November 1963: JFK's funeral
National funeral for John F. Kennedy, who will then be buried at Arlington national cemetery.

Fidel Castro
26 November 1963: US ambassador in Mexico charges Castro with JFK assassination
In a telegram sent to Washington, the US ambassador in Mexico claims that, for him, Fidel Castro's guilt in the killing of JFK is most certain.

29 November 1963: Life publishes frames from the Zapruder film
Life Magazine publishes as world exclusive a selection of black and white pictures taken from the Zapruder film.

Lyndon B. Johnson
29 November 1963: Warren Commission created
By Executive Order No. 11130 dated November 29, 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson creates the Commission to investigate the assassination on November 22, 1963, of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

22 November 1963: John F. Kennedy
22 November 1963: J.D. Tippit
24 November 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald
28 November 1963: Karyn Kupcinet

October 1963 - December 1963

November 1963 into the Warren Report
Chapter II - The Assassination: ... party to Washington. An evaluation of the procedures employed to safeguard the President, with recommendations for improving these procedures, appears in Chapter VIII of the report. Planning the Texas Trip President Kennedy's visit to Texas in November 1963 had been under consideration for almost a year before it occurred. He had made only a few brief visits to the State since the 1960 Presidential campaign and in 1962 he began to consider a formal visit. During 1963, the reasons for making the trip became more persuasive. As a political ...
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