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Death of Fletcher Prouty
Tuesday June 5, 2001
16 million dollars for the ...
Friday July 16, 1999
3,000 autopsy pages released
Sunday August 2, 1998
George W. Hickey loses trial
Monday September 29, 1997
J. Lee Rankin's files relea...
Thursday July 3, 1997
George W. Hickey sues Menni...
Friday April 21, 1995
Jackie Kennedy dies
Thursday May 19, 1994
Release of the movie JFK in...
Friday December 20, 1991

Rare Books on JFK's Assassination

October 1962

22 October 1962: Cuban missile crisis : JFK's speech
John F. Kennedy tells the Americans that the Soviet Union has broken its promises and commitments, and started to build missile bases in Cuba. Kennedy demands the immediate withdrawal of the offensive weapons from Cuba, and initiates an aerial and naval quarantine around the island. At the same time, he orders the beginning of operation Scabbard.

28 October 1962: Cuban missile crisis ends
Radio-Moscow announces that Nikita Krushchev has "ordered that the so-called offensive missiles be removed and prepared to be brought back to the USSR". The nuclear conflict is avoided.

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October 1962 into the Warren Report
Chapter IV - The Assassin: ... Armed Forces Intelligence Service has established that this particular rifle was the only rifle of its type bearing serial number C2766. (See app. X, p. 554.) The post office box to which the rifle was shipped was rented to “Lee H. Oswald” from October 9, 1962, to May 14, 1963. Experts on handwriting identification from 'the Treasury Department and the FBI testified that the signature and other writing on the application for that box were in the handwriting of Lee Harvey Oswald, as was a change-of-address card dated May 12, 1963, by which ...
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