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3,000 autopsy pages released
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Rare Books on JFK's Assassination

April 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald
6 April 1963: Oswald looses his job
Lee Harvey Oswald looses his job with a photography firm.

10 April 1963: Attempted murder against Major General Walker
At around 9 p.m., Major General Edwin A. Walker is the victim of an attempted murder while at home (about seven miles from downtown Dallas). A bullet flies through a window's frame and misses the right-wing leader from a few inches only. The investigation fails to find the shooter. But two weeks after her husband's death, Marina Oswald tells the FBI that her husband was the person who tried to kill Walker.

Lee Harvey Oswald
24 April 1963: Oswald leaves for New Orleans to find a job
Lee Harvey Oswald leaves Dallas for New Orleans to seek work there. Ruth Paine invites Marina Oswald and the baby to stay with her in the Paine's home.

October 1962 - May 1963

April 1963 into the Warren Report
Chapter I - Summary and Conclusions: ... to return to the United States. The following month Oswald met a 19-year-old Russian girl, Marina Nikolaevna Prusakova, a pharmacist, who Had been brought up in Leningrad but was then living with an aunt and uncle in Minsk. They were married on April 30, 1961. Throughout the following year he carried on a correspondence with American and Soviet. authorities seeking approval for the departure of himself and his wife to the United States. In the course of this effort, Oswald and his wife visited the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in July of 1961....
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