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Death of Fletcher Prouty
Tuesday June 5, 2001
16 million dollars for the ...
Friday July 16, 1999
3,000 autopsy pages released
Sunday August 2, 1998
George W. Hickey loses trial
Monday September 29, 1997
J. Lee Rankin's files relea...
Thursday July 3, 1997
George W. Hickey sues Menni...
Friday April 21, 1995
Jackie Kennedy dies
Thursday May 19, 1994
Release of the movie JFK in...
Friday December 20, 1991

Rare Books on JFK's Assassination
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Calvin Galloway
Head of Bethesda Hospital, where John F. Kennedy's autopsy took place.

Jim GarrisonJim Garrison District Attorney of New Orleans
District Attorney of New Orleans, Louisiana from 1962 to 1973. He suspected Clay Shaw to be behind the assassination of President John F. Ke...

John GedneyJohn Gedney Suspect
According to DPD documents released to the public in 1992, he would be one of the three tramps arrested in a stopped train near Dealey Pla...

Pershing Gervais
New Orleans District Attorney. A friend of Jim Garrison, he was his leading investigator during Garrison's investigation about the involve...

Sam GiancanaSam Giancana Mafioso
An important mobster in pre-Castro Cuba, Sam Giancana became the leading man in Chicago's Maffia. Robert Maheu called him and Johnny Rossell...

John Gibson
A witness of Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest at the Texas Theater. In the Warren report, one reads that Gibson, contrary to Goerge Applin, did ...

Charles Givens TSBD employee
A TSBD employee. According to Josiah Thompson, he would have been one of the last people who saw Lee Harvey Oswald before John F. Kennedy'...

Eva GrantEva Grant Jack Ruby's sister
Jack Ruby's sister.

Bill GreerBill Greer Secret Service agent
He was driving JFK's car on November 22. He was the oldest of all Secret Service men in Dallas on that day, and that is why he was chosen to...

Burt W. GriffinBurt W. Griffin Warren Commission councel
A 31-year-old Warren Commission counsellor. He investigated the life and activities of Jack Ruby along with Leon D. Hubert. According t...

Robert J. GrodenRobert J. Groden
An independent researcher who wrote several books opposing the Warren Report.

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