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Death of Fletcher Prouty
Tuesday June 5, 2001
16 million dollars for the ...
Friday July 16, 1999
3,000 autopsy pages released
Sunday August 2, 1998
George W. Hickey loses trial
Monday September 29, 1997
J. Lee Rankin's files relea...
Thursday July 3, 1997
George W. Hickey sues Menni...
Friday April 21, 1995
Jackie Kennedy dies
Thursday May 19, 1994
Release of the movie JFK in...
Friday December 20, 1991

Rare Books on JFK's Assassination
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Marrion L. BakerMarrion L. Baker DPD agent
Dallas motorcycle patrolman who was riding in the motorcade, several cars behind John F. Kennedy. When he heard shots on Dealey Plaza, he...

John A. BallJohn A. Ball Warren Commission councel
One of the Warren Commission's counsellors. He examined the evidence leading the Commission to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald was the mur...

Guy BanisterGuy Banister
A far-right and anti-Castro private investigator, Guy Banister was a former FBI man. Since his retirement in 1954, he was operating from ...

W. E. Barnett Policeman
A policeman on duty for the passage of the presidential motorcade. He was standing at the corner of Houston and Elm St.

Pauline Bates Public stenographer
A Fort Worth, Tx, secretary to whom Lee Oswald brought a manuscript he intended to publish, three days after his return from Russia. In i...

Alvin BeauboeufAlvin Beauboeuf
He is one of the two people who accompanied David Ferrie during his trip to Houston.

Gerald A. Behn Secret Service agent
Agent in charge of the White House detail.

David W. BelinDavid W. Belin Warren Commission councel
One of the Warren Commission's advisors. Along with assistant John A. Ball, his purpose was to establish Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt.

Jerry B. BelknapJerry B. Belknap Epileptic
Since the spectator who suffered an epileptic seizure fifteen to twenty minutes before the motorcade's arrival was not identified by the War...

Audrey Bell Parkland Hospital nurse
A nurse at Parkland Memorial Hospital, where John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John B. Connally were treated.

Melvin BelliMelvin Belli
A famous California attorney, he was Jack Ruby's lawyer when the latter was tried for Lee Harvey Oswald's killing. His line of defense wa...

Domingo BenavidesDomingo Benavides
A mechanic who witnessed the killing of police officer Jefferson Davis Tippit, of which Lee Harvey Oswald was accused on November 22, 1963...

Glen A. Bennett
A Secret Service agent riding in the car directly following the presidential limousine.

Clay BertrandClay Bertrand Suspect
A man introduced himself with this name when calling attorney Dean Andrews shortly after Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest. He wanted Andrews to be...

Maurice BishopMaurice Bishop
Nickname of the American agent seen along with Oswald by Antonio Veciana shortly before the JFK assassination.

William C. BishopWilliam C. Bishop
A US Army colonel who admitted to have taken part in political assassinations (such as the killing of Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Tru...

Regis Blahut CIA agent
A CIA agent who was fired for breaking into an HSCA vault and stealing a classified photograph. His fingerprints were found, and he official...

G. Robert BlakeyG. Robert Blakey
Main counsellor, then chairman of the HSCA, as replacement for Richard A. Sprague. Blakey thinks the maffia killed John F. Kennedy.

Mary Bledsoe Witness
One of Lee Harvey Oswald's former housekeepers. Before the Warren Commission, she said she had seen Lee Oswald in the bus in which she was r...

Albert G. Bogard
A car seller of Lincoln-Mercury in Dallas. He claimed that on November 9, 1963, a strange man had performed an autombile demonstration at ...

Hale BoggsHale Boggs Warren Commission member
A member of the Warren Commission, Hale Boggs was one of those who did not accept the "magic bullet" theory. Boggs' plane went down in Al...

Abraham Bolden Secret Service
A member of the Secret Service's team at the White House, he was the first Negro appointed there. He said he heard about a conspiracy a...

Wilma Bond Assassination Witness
A witness of John F. Kennedy's assassination who was standing near Mary Muchmore at the corner of Elm and Houston St. She took slides of t...

Eugene Boone
A Dallas Deputy Sheriff who discovered the weapon on the TSBD's 6th floor, along with Seymour Weitzman. They identified the rifle as a Mau...

J. Thornton BoswellJ. Thornton Boswell Autopsist
Commander Boswell was a pathologist of Bethesda Navy Hospital. He took part in John F. Kennedy's autopsy.

Robert I. Bouck Head of the Protective Research Section
The head of the Protective Research Section in 1963.

George Bouhe
A member of the Dallas White Russian community, he helped Lee Oswald when the latter moved in the city.

Tom Bowden
An historian and curator of the "Conspiracy Museum" in Dallas.

Lee BowersLee Bowers Assassination Witness
Lee Bowers was a railroad employee working in a railroad tower when the presidential motorcade entered Dealey Plaza. Before the Warren Co...

Bill Boxley
In February, 1967, Jim Garrison set up a "special complementary team", exclusively made up of volunteers (the government was not enthusiasti...

Eugene Hale BradingEugene Hale Brading Suspect
A paroled prisoner in the time of John F. Kennedy's assassination, he had a driving license under the name of Jim Braden. It is with th...

Charles BrehmCharles Brehm Assassination Witness
A witness of JFK's assassination, Brehm was standing close to the presidential limousine when the fatal shot was fired. He told Mark La...

Howard L. BrennanHoward L. Brennan Assassination Witness
A 44-year-old steamfitter, Howard Brennan witnessed the assassination of JFK. He has often been described as one of the less reliable W...

Johnny Calvin BrewerJohnny Calvin Brewer Witness
Brewer was running a footwear shop in Dallas. On November 22, 1963, in front of his shop, he noticed a man who was apparently afraid of po...

Carlos BringuierCarlos Bringuier Anti-Castro activist
Bringuier was an anti-Castro activist. His shop was visited by Oswald on August 5, 1963, who claimed his interest in joining the anti-Castro...

Charles L. BronsonCharles L. Bronson Assassination Witness
An assassination witness who shot a film of Dealey Plaza shortly before the shots were fired at the presidential motorcade. Some independe...

Joe B. BrownJoe B. Brown
He was the judge presiding over the court when Jack Ruby was tried for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. He had to leave the case when i...

Madeleine BrownMadeleine Brown Mistress of Lyndon Johnson
Madeleine Duncan Brown was Johnsonís mistress for twenty years. She publicly stated that Johnson had foreknowledge of John F. Kennedy's assa...

Jerry Bruno JFK's advance man
He was responsible for ensuring that JFK's trip to Texas went smoothly. He has not been heared by the Warren Commission.

Thomas BuchananThomas Buchanan Researcher
An independent investigator who published 'Who Killed Kennedy ?', the first book written about the JFK assassination, published in May, 19...

Vernon BundyVernon Bundy
A New Orleans prison inmate during Jim Garrison's investigation. He told a guard he had informations to give about Lee Harvey Oswald. D...

George G. Burkley
John F. Kennedy's personal physician. He was riding in the presidential motorcade on November 22, 1963, and went to Parkland Memorial Hosp...

George Butler DPD agent
He was the DPD lieutenant in charge of Lee Harvey Oswald's fatal transfer. He gave the OK signal for transfer though the car that shoul...

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