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Death of Fletcher Prouty
Tuesday June 5, 2001
16 million dollars for the ...
Friday July 16, 1999
3,000 autopsy pages released
Sunday August 2, 1998
George W. Hickey loses trial
Monday September 29, 1997
J. Lee Rankin's files relea...
Thursday July 3, 1997
George W. Hickey sues Menni...
Friday April 21, 1995
Jackie Kennedy dies
Thursday May 19, 1994
Release of the movie JFK in...
Friday December 20, 1991

Rare Books on JFK's Assassination
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Gus Abrams Suspect
According to DPD documents released in 1992, he would be one of the three tramps arrested in a train next to Dealey Plaza right after the JF...

John AbtJohn Abt Lawyer
A New York attorney that Lee H. Oswald unsuccesfully tried to contact after his arrest in Dallas. But he was not at home on that week-end.

John Adamcik DPD agent
A DPD detective who took part in the search of Ruth Paine's house in the afternoon of November 22, 1963 and the day after. He also took p...

Francis W. H. Adams Warren Commission councel
Assistant counsellor of the Warren Commission, and Arlen Specter's partner, with whom he was supposed to write the Warren Report chapter c...

Victoria Adams
A TSBD employee who was at the 4th floor when the shooting occurred.

Adrian Alba Garage owner
A friend of Lee Harvey Oswald. He owned and ran the "Crescent City Garage" on Magazine St, New Orleans. Crescent City Garage regularly took ...

Bill Alexander
The second assistant D.A. of Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade, he wrote a text accusing Lee Oswald of murdering JFK 'as part of an intern...

James W. AltgensJames W. Altgens Photographer
A photographer for Associated Press.

Luis AlvarezLuis Alvarez
He won the 1968 Nobel Prize in Physics, and analyzed the famous Zapruder film in September, 1976, trying to explain John F. Kennedy's head...

Tom Alyea Reporter
The first journalist who went to the TSBD's sixth floor, shortly after the shots rang out on Dealey Plaza. Coming there along with the po...

Dean AndrewsDean Andrews Lawyer
Dean Andrews was a New Orleans attorney. One of his clients was mobster Carlos Marcello, and he also knew David Ferrie. Shortly after the...

James AngletonJames Angleton CIA counter-intelligence
Head of CIA counter-intelligence.

George Applin
A witness of Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest in the Texas Theater, he told the Warren Commission that Oswald fought four or five policemen before...

Gordon Arnold Assassination Witness
Gordon Arnold was coming back from military training. As he owned a camera, he wanted to shoot a film of the presidential motorcade from the...

Orlando Bosch AvilaOrlando Bosch Avila
A leader of Cuban exiles who, according to Marita Lorenz's declarations in the New York Daily News, would have come with her from Miami to...

Eusebio AzcueEusebio Azcue Cuban consul in Mexico City
Cuban consul in Mexico when Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly went there in September, 1963. The man introducing himself as Oswald was so angry...

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