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Eusebio Azcue

Eusebio Azcue

Cuban consul in Mexico City

Cuban consul in Mexico when Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly went there in September, 1963.

The man introducing himself as Oswald was so angry when employee Sylvia Duran told him his visa for Cuba could not be issued before a week that Azcue got out of his office to see him.

Later, he was shown a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald, and asked whether it was the man he had seen at the consulate. He gave a quite different description and was never questioned by the Warren Commission.

Nevertheless, he testified before the HSCA, saying he was sure that the Oswald photos he was being shown were not those of the man he had seen in Mexico.

Extract from the Warren Report
Contacts With the Cuban and Soviet Embassies in Mexico City: ... persisting in his demands that as a sympathizer in Cuban objectives he ought to be given a visa. This resulted in a sharp argument with the consul, Eusebio Azque. By Saturday, September 28, 1963, Oswald had failed to obtain visas at both Embassies. From Sunday, September 29, through Wednesday morning, October 2, when he left Mexico City on a bus bound for the United States, Oswald spent considerable time making his travel arrangements, sightseeing and checking again with the Soviet Embassy to learn whether anything had happened on his visa application. Marina Oswald testified that when ...

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