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Rare Books on JFK's Assassination
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Adla´ Stevenson

Adla´ Stevenson

US ambassador at the UN

Birthdate: February 5, 1900 - Death: July 14, 1965

US ambassador at the UN, Stevenson had visited Dallas earlier in the year 1963, and had been assaulted there. People threw various objects at his face, and a woman even beat him on the head with a protest sign.

During John F. Kennedy's visite there, the Secret Service and Dallas police feared that such a thing might occur to the President.

Extract from the Warren Report
Chapter II - The Assassination: ... Investigation about potential dangers to the President. Although there was no mention in PRS files of the demonstration in Dallas against Ambassador Adlai Stevenson on October 24, 1963, Lawson inquired about the incident and obtained through the local police photographs of some of the persons involved. On November 22 a Secret Service agent stood at the entrance to the Trade Mart, where the President was scheduled to speak, with copies of these photographs. Dallas detectives in the lobby of the Trade Mart and in the luncheon area also had copies of these photographs. A number of people who...

October 24, 1963: Stevenson jostled in Dallas

Old Books about Adla´ Stevenson

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