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Rare Books on JFK's Assassination
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Arnold Rowland

Assassination Witness

A witness of John F. Kennedy's assassination who was standing, along with his wife Barbara, before the west entrance of the Dallas County Records Building, on Houston St.

He told the FBI that at 12.15 a.m. he had seen a man with a high-powered rifle at the TSBD's 6th floor, but on the side opposite to the "Sniper's nest".

At the "sniper's nest" window, he saw a second man, black, about 55 years old, almost bald and very thin. The man was still at the window five minutes before the assassination, according to Rowland. He thought they were Secret Service agents.

When the shots rang out, he ran towards the Grassy Knoll, like many other people.

Extract from the Warren Report
Chapter VI - Investigation of Possible Conspiracy: ... which, if accurate, would create the possibility of an accomplice at the window at the time of the assassination. The witness was 18-year-old Arnold Rowland, who testified in great detail concerning his activities and observations on November 22, 1963. He and his wife were awaiting the motorcade, standing on the east side of Houston Street between Maine and Elm, when he looked toward the Depository Building and noticed a man holding a rifle standing back from the southwest corner window on the sixth floor. The man was rather slender in proportion to his size and of light complexion wit...

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