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Rare Books on JFK's Assassination
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Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez
Birthdate: June 13, 1911 - Death: Thursday September 1, 1988

He won the 1968 Nobel Prize in Physics, and analyzed the famous Zapruder film in September, 1976, trying to explain John F. Kennedy's head's motion during the fatal shot.

On frame 313 of the film, Kennedy's head is pushed backwards, which many researchers find strange if, as the Warren Commission says, the shots were coming from the TSBD (behind the limousine at that moment).

Alvarez concluded after his analysis that physics can account for the backward motion of Kennedy's head and that it is consistent with a shot coming from the Texas School Book Depository. JFK's head would be projected backwards because of the brutal expelling of brain matter through the wound, to the front and right. He calls this the "jet-propulsion effect" or "jet-effect".

Old Books about Luis Alvarez

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