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JFK Assassination - Biography
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Gordon Arnold

Assassination Witness

Gordon Arnold was coming back from military training. As he owned a camera, he wanted to shoot a film of the presidential motorcade from the best possible angle. Wearing his Army uniform, Arnold first chose the Triple Underpass. The place offered a clear view of Dealey Plaza, where the motorcade was to ride.

But a man displaying a Secret Service badge prevented him from getting up on the Underpass, albeit official documents indicate that no Secret Service man was supposed to be there on that day.

Arnold then went to another place to shoot, a few feet before the Grassy Knoll wooden fence. Then he suddenly felt a bullet whizzing past his left ear. He hit the dirt in a reflex probably due to his recent military training. Questioned by a policeman a few minutes later, he insisted that the shots had come from right behind him. The policeman confiscated his film.

Arnold told his story to the Dallas Morning News in 1978. While some doubt his sincerity, Arnold's story was confirmed by former senator Ralph Yarborough. The latter told the Morning News that when the first shot rang out, he remembered seeing a man in uniform immediately hit the dirt where Arnold claimed he had filmed the scene.

The senator also remembers thinking that the man's quick reaction made him think of a "war veteran". Arnold's film was never recovered, and neither the Secret Service man nor the policeman were ever identified...

Old Books about Gordon Arnold

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