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Bill Boxley

In February, 1967, Jim Garrison set up a "special complementary team", exclusively made up of volunteers (the government was not enthusiastic about helping "Big Jim" in his investigation).

Among those volunteers, a strange character arrived in Garrison's office : a certain William Wood... As a journalist in Austin, he had an excellent reputation in the investigation press milieu. However, he claimed he had been working for the CIA for seven years and got fired for "alcoholism".

Garrison had an official CIA agent (a physician responsible for the Agency's hospital at Langley, Va.)check out his sayings. In order not to spread the news that a former CIA agent was in his team, Garrison decided to call him Bill Boxley. Boxley recommended that a certain Jim Rose (a former CIA man as well) join them too.

Thus, Boxley had an access to all of Garrison's files, and warned "Big Jim" of an incoming murder against him. But Vincent Salandria, a Philadelphia lawyer, discovered the true story : Boxley was an informant for the federal government, and spied on Garrison's investigation.

When Jim Garrison wanted to question Boxley about what Salandria told him, the former CIA agent had "vanished"... That is when Garrison understood that he had let CIA and FBI "moles" enter his team.

Old Books about Bill Boxley

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